Thursday, July 30, 2009

Act I, Part I: Introduction.


I'm Tom. I made this blog as an experiment, as I'll be out west for three weeks, fly fishing and amusing myself in Wyoming and Montana. I figured this was a good a way as any to keep folks updated on my progress. That's my mission statement. Oh, and that is me fishing in a sombrero, on a small creek in the headwaters of the Gardiner River in Yellowstone National Park, last year. I was doubly entertained- by the little brook trout eating my fly, and by the people slowing down and doing a double-take on the road which paralleled the stream.

This is the vehicle I'll be taking; a spritely 2001 Saturn. Vintage shattered plastic and dented on the driver's side, the result of a freak ice-storm accident. Persistent smell of stale french-fries. Air conditioner works fair. It has approximately 148,000 miles, and has traveled through 23 states. It's ready to go.

That's not me, either. And that's not Missouri. That's Jake, and that behind him is Yellowstone National Park, specifically Elk Park, near the Gibbon River. We'll hopefully get to hit it again this year.

But, I still need to seam-seal my tent. And pack. And clean out my car. And pick up Paul and Jake's shit. And pack their shit into it, as well as my shit.